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Rita Duffy, ‘Look at You’ (Nr 1)

The EFACIS Kaleidoscope Series engages with writers and artists from the island of Ireland about topical interests they may like to share with scholars and lovers of Irish literature and culture in the rest of Europe.

Kaleidoscope 1 collected fiction authors’ observations about the act of writing fiction. This resulted in the website https://kaleidoscope.efacis.eu/ which published original insights by 50 authors.

While EFACIS usually looks at Ireland from a European point of view Kaleidoscope 2 inverts the perspective: we asked Irish authors what Europe means to them. Forty-one contributors answered, sixteen men, twenty-five women; twenty from the South, eight from the North, six from the diaspora and seven who have roots in the North or abroad but tend to live in the South most of the time. The project is led by Anne Fogarty, Professor of James Joyce Studies at University College Dublin, Joachim Fischer, Jean Monnet Chair in European Culture (2019-2022) and Hedwig Schwall, project director of EFACIS.

Latest Publications

April 22‘21

Medbh McGuckian


April 08‘21

Deirdre Kinahan


April 08‘21

Neil Hegarty


March 25‘21

Rita Duffy

Look at You